Kunkel accuses Britain of Piracy

12 Jan

Victory Front lawmaker Carlos Kunkel accused the United Kingdom yesterday of becoming more aggressive over Argentina’s blockade of the Falkland Islands. 

“England’s situation of aggression and piracy continues, but we must be politically persistent and while maintaining a constant defence … England has been attacking the countries surrounding the Río de la Plata since the first British invasion in 1806. Then they seized the Malvinas and staged blockades and all kinds of aggressions throughout history, ..England’s aggressions, targeted at seizing the earnings of hard-working Argentines, have been coherent and have shown persistence throughout the years.”

“We must be politically persistent and hope for the weakening of the British empire, a process already in motion as a consequence of the evolution of international relations and their internal struggles, prompted by Scotland and Wales’ desire to become independent and their protest against the British crown’s abuses,” he said, adding “through perseverance, the rights of the American nations will be respected.”

The British Government has recently accused Argentina of breaching a number of international laws in its attempted blockade of the Falklands. Argentina is also in breach of Article 74 of the UN Charter, which is a multi-lateral Treaty signed by both Britain and Argentina.

Argentina’s latest moves have involved convincing its neighbours to refuse entry to their ports to any ship displaying the Falkland Islands flag. The Islands are a part of the Red Ensign group and have been legally registering vessels since 1861. Chile, Brazil and Uruguay have so far refused to join in with Argentina’s economic blockade and have assured the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that  they will not do so.

2012 see the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War following Argentina’s invasion of the archipelago in 1982. It is also 179 years since Britain re-established an occupation of the Islands commenced in 1766. Argentina split from Spain in 1816, but asserts that it inherited Spain’s claim at that time. Spain only relinquished her own claim to East Falkland in 1863 with a diplomatic visit to the Falkland Islands.

The invasion of 1806 was an unauthorised action by Sir Home Popham, for which he was court-martialed.


One Response to “Kunkel accuses Britain of Piracy”

  1. Don Alberto April 30, 2015 at 3:57 am #

    Carlos Kunkel, the poor dear, making a fool of himself by exposing his complete lack of knowledge of the Falkland Islands history, documentation of which can be found in the official Argentine ‘Archivo General de la Nación’ in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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