Argentina Claims the Falklands – Again!

3 Jan

On the 179th anniversary of Britain’s re-occupation of its territory in the Falkland Islands, Argentina has repeated its annual claim that the British forces under Commander Onslow usurped its authority over the archipelago, and ejected the Argentina settlers who were in the Islands at the time.

Claiming a “legitimate right” to the Falkland Islands, and the need to renew dialogue with Britain over the issue of sovereignty, Argentina’s Foreign Ministry claimed today that; “On January 1833, the Malvinas Islands were occupied by British forces that evicted the Argentine authorities and inhabitants that were legitimately living there. The Argentine Republic immediately protested against this action of illegitimate force that remains, without accepting it.”

“The Argentine government reiterates, once more and in the 179 anniversary of the occupation, its permanent and sincere willingness to resume the bilateral negotiation process with the United Kingdom and the international community, to find a pacific and definite solution to the sovereignty dispute and end, by this actions, an anachronistic situation, incompatible with the evolution of the current post colonial world.”

Argentina still claims, in the face of undeniable evidence to the contrary, that the British ejected all the settlers at Port Louis in January 1833. Evidence in the archives in Buenos Aires clearly disprove this assertion, as the garrison’s commander. Lt. Colonel Pinedo recorded who was told to leave. This list ONLY included 4 settlers, whilst more than 20 remained.

Charles Darwin arrived on the Beagle a few weeks later and accurately recorded the make-up of the settlers he found at Port Louis.

Argentina registers the same claim every year in pursuit of its geo-political aspiration to control the South Atlantic access to Antarctica, a large part of which it also claims in defiance of previous British claims. The Falkland Islands are listed as a non-self Governing Territory under the administration of the United Kingdom by the United Nations.


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