Argentina’s Propaganda for 2012

29 Dec

The Latin American Union of News Agencies is to publish a table of events throughout the region during 2012, seeking to reaffirm Argentina’s claim over the Falkland Islands, 30 years after the Falklands War according to Cesar Gonzalez Trejo, a veteran of the conflict, and now Director of Policy with the Falklands Observatory at the National University in Lanús.

According to the Director; “Three military bases in Falkland are a threat to any country in the region..”

Trejo went on to claim that Britain’s purpose was to maintain a link to the British Antarctic and that the continued occupation of the Falklands by Britain was; ” .. the projection of a foreign power over natural resources”. Emphasising the importance of educating the region’s children so that they understood Argentina’s policies, he added that the National Education Act gave the country’s President, Cristina Fernandez, the power to instruct schools to name classrooms after fallen heroes.

The activities to be carried out in 2012 on the anniversary of the Falklands War include a Grand Parade of former soldiers on April 2nd, in the city of Buenos Aires, and a diplomatic campaign to put the cause on the international agenda and add support for Argentina.

Argentina has been trying to regionalise its claim to the Falkland Islands in an attempt to bolster its support, having failed to gain any ground diplomatically since the end of the Falklands War in 1982. United Nations Resolutions prior to the Argentine invasion has pressured Britain into going to the negotiating table although talks were hampered by Argentina’s intransigence. After the conflict, UN Resolutions called for a negotiated settlement up until diplomatic relations were resumed in 1989 between the two countries. Since then the UN has ignored Argentina’s claims.

The 30th anniversary of the conflict is likely to see a dramatic increase in rhetoric from Buenos Aires.


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