Gott, the Guardian and unrepresentative opinions

26 Dec

The official Argentine news agency, Telam, is reporting a piece in the Guardian newspaper by the radical journalist Richard Gott, in which Gott alleges that the British Government is suffering from ‘wilful blindness’ over the Falkland Islands.

In his Guardian Blog, Gott goes on to assert that, ” .. the Foreign Office has closed half a dozen embassies in Latin America in recent years, to minimise the danger of receiving subversive opinions from foreign capitals. All part of Britain’s national decline..,” and that, “Given that Argentina and Britain both have a good claim to the islands, common sense would suggest that the two countries should meet to negotiate a solution, and that is exactly what Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez has often suggested. She has not been “ratcheting up the pressure”, still less has she been preparing the Argentinian military for an attack.”

Given this journalist’s left-wing politics and association with South America, his sympathy for Argentina’s president hardly comes as any surprise.

In 1967 Gott was one of those who identified Che Guevara’s body, having had some contact with the revolutionary in Cuba. Under pressure, Gott resigned as literary editor of the Guardian in 1994 following claims that he had been ‘an agent of influence’ for the KGB. An allegation he denied, although he admitted accepting ‘expenses’.

The Guardian is one of only a few national newspapers in Britain that have taken any conciliatory line over the Falklands, with the majority continuing fierce support for the Islanders’ right to self-determination.

Unrepresentative of the national sentiment within the United Kingdom, such reports may give solace to Argentina, whereas the truth, as declared by Prime Minister David Cameron, is that the British people will support the Islanders no matter what. Period.


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