Cristina takes the Chair at Mercosur

21 Dec

On the day that Argentina took over the Chair of the southern Common Market (Mercosur), President Cristina Fernandez claimed that, “the Falklands are not an Argentine cause, but a global cause.” 

Speaking to the other leaders of the four nation group in Montevideo, Argentina’s President complained that the United Kingdon claimed to protect the wishes of the United Nations whilst violating its provisions from the safety of a Security Council seat.

“The United Kingdom is one of those who sits on a permanent basis and does not respect one of the provisions.” she said, “We are not asking to come to recognize that the Malvinas are Argentine, we only ask that they comply with the UN and start a dialogue because we do not want more excuses..”

Fernandez did not say quite which request of the UN’s it is that Britain is ignoring, but there have been no UN General Assembly Resolutions on the issue of the Falklands since 1988.

Every year the Decolonisation sub-Committee at the UN considers Argentina’s requests for dialogue, and every year a Draft Resolution is forwarded to the Fourth Committee. No suggestion of another Resolution has come from the Fourth Committee since Britain and Argentina resumed diplomatic relations in 1989; following the 1982 Falklands war.

The UK’s position is clearly that there is no doubt about its sovereignty of the Islands, which dates back to 1765.

Argentina is particularly annoyed about the Islanders exploitation of their resources, including fish and oil even though this is a right preserved for them under the UN Charter. The most recent attempt by Argentina to affect the status quo in the South Atlantic is to impose an economic blockade on the Islands by restricting the Islanders’ access to South American ports.



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