Fishy Actions by Argentina

6 Dec

The British Government has made a formal protest to Argentina with regard to the interference with licensed fishing vessels.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London said: “The UK has protested to Argentina … We consider that it is not compliant with international law, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.”

A number of incidents have been reported recently involving members of the Spanish fishing fleet entering the River Plate en-route for Montevideo, being stopped and questioned by Argentine authorities. These have led to complaints in Spain although as yet there has been no official reaction from the Spanish Government.

Argentina, for its part, claims that the waters around the Falklands belong to it and that vessels fishing there without the authority of Buenos Aires are stealing their resources. Argentina has been arguing since the 1930’s that the Falkland Islands were taken in an English invasion in 1833. The British Government, on the other hand, has no doubts about its sovereignty.

No incidents involving Argentine naval vessels have taken place within the Islands EEZ.

A report in the Telegraph today suggests that the British Government should pay more attention to what the Casa Rosada is up to, reminding them that the 1982 war started over scrap metal dealers landing in South Georgia and raising the Argentine flag.


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