Standard Stuff from CELAC

3 Dec

The 33-member Community of Latin American and Caribbean States concluded it inaugural meeting yesterday with two rather tired demands; firstly that the US should end its embargo of Cuba, and that Britain should negotiate over the Falkland Islands. Both fairly standard positions for countries in the region and of no surprise.

“The Argentine government has shown a permanently constructive attitude and willingness to reach, via negotiations, a peaceful and definitive solution to this anachronistic, colonial situation on American soil,” a Argentine spokesman said.

After almost 30 years since Argentina’s last invasion of the Falkland Islands, the issue remains an emotional subject for many in the country, which implants its version of history in every school and at every opportunity. Despite demands for talks, Argentina has never opted to take its case to the International Court of Justice, and, when Britain offered to take the issue of South Georgia to the ICJ in 1955, Argentina refused to recognise the Court’s jurisdiction.

“I don’t think we’re exaggerating if we call it a historic day,” said Hugo Chávez, the President of Venezuela, who has worked hard to promote this new organisation.

As for being ‘historic’, only time will tell.


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