Diplomatic Blunders

30 Nov

In a new twist to the controversy over Prince William’s deployment to the Falkland Islands, as part of a ‘Search and Rescue’ mission, a report in the Buenos Aires Herald states that Argentina’s position is fully supported by Ireland’s Republican Sinn Fein movement.

A letter from an unnamed member of the Irish terrorist group come political party, describes the Prince’s deployment as ‘ provocative and aggressive’.

While the Herald does not leap to support this statement, it does goes on to question whether Britain is being ‘insensitive’ with this particular posting, as it is due to take place around the 30th anniversary of Argentina’s invasion of the British Overseas Territory.

The english language newspaper states; “The British approach to the deployment comes across as languorous and could be another diplomatic blunder in a long series of unfortunate coincidences.”

What the newspaper fails to mention is that the invasion itself was a diplomatic blunder. Of course it was also provocative and aggressive with many good men on both sides losing their lives as a result. Diplomatically it was a disaster for Argentina, which ignored Security Council Resolutions only to be ejected from the Islands in ignominy.

Support from Irish terrorists is unlikely to persuade Britain into a change of heart.


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