Walking Olympic Adverts

23 Nov

An initiative sponsored in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house in Argentina’s National Congress, is promoting the idea that Argentina’s competitors to the 2012 Olympics should prominently display their country’s claim to the Falkland Islands.

The Olympics are due to be held in London next year, and the sponsors of this Bill hope that the advertising by their athletes will in some way advance their cause.

The Bill proposes that each member of the Argentine Team sports an embroidered badge containing a relief of the Islands and the words, ‘Las Islas Malvinas son Argentinas’.

An opportunity to promote Argentina’s weak claim to the Falklands appears to be too good a chance to miss, as Britain is hosting the event. It’s an excellent opportunity to uphold our claim by proudly exhibiting our colours and the standing commitment to the recovery of our territories”, said a spokesman.

In a reference to next year’s 30th Anniversary of the invasion of the Islands by Argentina, the same spokesman stated, ” It would also be an excellent homage to our victims on the coming 30th anniversary of the South Atlantic heroic deed and the best way for our sportspeople, from all over the world and in all disciplines, to exhibit proudly the national and imprescriptible claim over our Islands of the South.”

As a result of Argentina’s aggressive war on the Falklands in 1982, more than 1000 soldiers, sailors and airmen lost their lives. The invaders were forced to surrender following a succesful operation by British forces in which they re-took the archipelago. Argentina has revived its claims in recent years; refusing to recognise the Islanders right to determine their own future as enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

Britain refuses to recognise any claim by Argentina, either to the Falklands, the South Georgia territory or any of British Antarctica. The British Government fully support the Falklanders’ in their wish for a peaceful existence.


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