Trade between the Falklands and Uruguay

15 Nov

MercoPress reports today on a renewal of farming and business links between the Falkland Islands and Uruguay.

Following a recent visit to Uruguay by the Islands’ Senior Agricultural Advisor, itself initiated by an expression of interest from Joaquin Martinicorena, Chairman of the Uruguayan Wool Secretariat and Pedro Otegui, Director of Lanas Trinidad S.A., a closer association between the British Overseas Territory and Uruguay seems possible.

The establishment of trade links between the Falklands and its neighbours is unlikely to go down well in Argentina which continues in its vocal, if unproven, claim to the Islands. Argentina has worked very hard over the last 10 years to bring its South American neighbours in line with its own thinking on the sovereignty issue.

The last time that Uruguay and Argentina fell out over the Islands was in 1953 when Argentina complained that its small neighbour had infringed Argentina’s sovereignty rights by the establishment of a consulate on the Falklands. At the time, Uruguay pointed out that their consul had been placed on the Islands in 1924. Argentina still imposed economic sanctions.



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