“A Provocative Act”

11 Nov

Prince William’s deployment to the Falkland Islands in 2012 is already causing controversy only 24 hours after being announced.

Sebastian Brugo Marco, the director-general of Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has quickly branded the decision, ” a provocative act”.

In an interview with La Nacion, Marco went on to say, ” “It is impossible to ignore the political aspect of this military operation bearing in mind that the prince forms part of the royal family. This is another provocative act by Great Britain, with its military presence in a peaceful zone where there is no armed conflict.”

Argentina’s reaction is hardly a surprise. Since the 1930’s when they renewed a claim to the Islands based on a particular view of history, and geography, Argentina has consistently complained about any decision that Britain makes in relation to its distant overseas territory. The issue of stamps and commemorative coins are enough to exercise minds at the Foreign Ministry, and visits by member of the Royal Family are always subject to criticism.

Prince William is being deployed to a ‘search and rescue’ team as a normal part of his career development.


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