Argentina, Propaganda and Schoolchildren

28 Oct

Argentine Government propaganda over the Falkland Islands is set to continue between now and the 30th anniversary of the Falklands war with an exhibition of photographs taken by the press photographers of the news agency Télam.

The exhibition ‘Télam in Malvinas’ commenced its tour in Tucumán on Wednesday.

As a part of the exhibition, a book, ‘Malvinas en la historia, una perspectiva suramericana’, is being promoted to present the Argentine version of history. Compiled by the Universidad Nacional de Lanús, the book has been completed in compliance with the National Education Law, which requires that schools are equipped with this type of propaganda over the Islands.

Argentina’s version of history was expounded in 1964 is a speech by Dr. José María Ruda, when he erroneously claimed that Argentina had occupied the Falklands in 1820, that they had placed a Governor on the Islands as early as 1823 and that Britain had forcibly expelled Argentine settlers in 1833. He went on to claim that the United Kingdom had seized South Georgia by force from Argentina.

Argentine law demands that their version of history is taught to school children.


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