No longer the Guinea Pig

27 Oct

Jorge Argüello, Argentina’s permanent representative to the United Nations, speaking about the electoral success of Cristina Fernandez last Sunday, said that Argentina had finally abandoned its passive role in world politics, and was no longer  a sort of Guinea pig.

In a piece for Télam, the national news agency, Argüello wrote that Argentina was once again making it voice heard in international forums and on issues such as reform of the multilateral credit organizations, the promotion of human rights, regional integration and respect for international law.

With reference to regional groups, the Ambassador said, “This has been a clear message of the ballot boxes. A broad majority, comprising not only the Front for Victory but also other political forces, backed the association with MERCOSUR, the institutional strengthening of UNASUR and the demand for a serious reform of the main international political organisms to provide them with greater representativity. Not to mention, of course, the unanimous support to our peaceful claim of sovereignty on the Malvinas islands.”

Jorge Argüello recently spoke in Mexico, where he accused the United Kingdom of stealing fish.


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