South Georgia Jubilee Coin 2012

25 Oct

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest living and second longest reigning Monarch in British history next to Queen Victoria.

2012 will mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Accession of Her Majesty who became Queen and Head of the Commonwealth on the 6th February 1952 and was crowned in Westminster Abbey on the 2nd June 1953.

The Treasury of the Falkland Islands on behalf of the British overseas Territory of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands have authorized the issue of a commemorative silver coin to mark the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The obverse of the coin carries the specially commissioned double conjoined portraits of the queen along with the text “SOUTH GEORGIA & SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS 2012”.

The coin has a face value of Two pounds and the reverse design is inspired by a photograph of the Queen as she was seen on Christmas Day church services in 2009 at Balmoral, the Queen’s private estate in Scotland.

The Diamond Jubilee year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War in 1982.



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