Britain Accused of Stealing Fish

22 Oct

Jorge Argüello, Argentina’s permanent representative to the United Nations, yesterday accused the United Kingdom of stealing Argentine resources around the Falkland Islands.

Speaking to students at the University of Cape Town in Cabo, the Minister said that, “The world needs to understand that the British are illegally taking fish from our waters, and they are after our petrol and our minerals.”

Talking about the issue of food security, Argüello told the students that he believed that the 21st century would be the one for conflicts between Nations over the issue of natural resources and that the Falkland Islands were an example of this.

Argentina unilaterally withdrew from previous agreements with the UK over fishing and oil exploration, and has only been able to watch the Falkland Islands Government’s successes within these areas, without gaining any benefit.

Recent announcements from Rockhopper Exploration of a commercial oil find has thrown Argentina’s withdrawal from cooperation into sharp relief.

Lack of good management over its fisheries has also caused Argentina losses in the last few years.

The Falkland Islander’s exploitation of their resources is protected by the United Nations.


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