Falklands Demining to continue 2012

20 Oct

The United Kingdom spoke to the UN’s First Committee recently and confirmed that it was committed to the process of de-mining, announcing a new phase  of activity in the Falkland Islands commencing in January 2012.

The representative said; ” The UK is a signatory to the Ottawa Convention and has long since stopped using, producing, stockpiling and transferring antipersonnel mines. We are also a major contributor to the clearance of anti-personnel mines and other explosive remnants of war in areas of the world where their legacy threatens the lives of civilians and holds back the socio-economic development of affected communities.

“In support of Mine Action, the UK has allocated more than £30 million between 2010 and 2013, to clearance programmes across the globe. We have also allocated an additional £10 million over 5 years for mine action in Afghanistan. In Libya the UK is supporting clearance work and control of abandoned explosive ordnance as part of our wider humanitarian assistance efforts. This emergency clearance, destruction and control programme aims to reduce the risk from explosive remnants of war to local populations and humanitarian aid workers.

“In addition, in January 2012 we will launch phase II of our Falkland Islands demining pilot project. Phase II will see land released in accordance with International Mine Action Standards, confirming the extent of some of the minefields near the capital Stanley, accurately defining their boundaries and fencing them on all sides. The project will also confirm that other land within a current suspect hazardous area is free from all mines and other Explosive Remnants of War and safely release it back to public use. Information gathered during the phase II pilot will inform future mine clearance and land release activity. Technical details will be shared with the mine action community.”


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