UK Pays the Falklanders to Stay – says Argüello

13 Oct

Yesterday, Argentina’s permanent representative to the United Nation, Jorge Argüello, accused the United Kingdom of paying the Falkland Islanders to remain on the Islands.

In a speech to a conference held at Mexico’s Universidad Autónoma, the diplomat said that the UK avoids any cut to its, “social and employment assistance budget” in the Falkland Islands because, if it imposed such cuts, the Islanders, “would migrate to Argentina.”

Referring to the recent riots in London, Argüello, spoke about the, “frustration of the young people and other social sectors after the government cut the social assistance, education and health of the citizens” , adding that, “the austerity measures led to unemployment and lack of social containment.”

“Nothing like this happens at the Malvinas Islands,” according to Argüello because “England knows that if it cuts the social assistance and employment budget of the islands as it has done with other citizens, it will lead to the emigration to Argentina or South America, where the opposite thing is happening.”

“The inhabitants of the Malvinas Islands” were, “not only complete British citizens, but probably luxurious English citizens.”

The UN’s Fourth Committee finished its deliberations on the remaining Non-self Governing Territories this week, making no comment on Argentina’s claim to the Islands, but reaffirming the right to self determination for all the peoples of the Territories.

Demands by Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, have been ignored by the UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron who has reaffirmed the British committment to the Falkland Islands.


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