Overseas Aid v. British Interests

9 Oct

An e-petition has been posted on the British Governments web site, demanding that overseas aid is not paid to countries, like Argentina, which act against the interests of the United Kingdom.

The full site can be found at https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/18323


British Interests & Overseas Aid Assessment

Responsible department: Department for International Development

We the undersigned, being concerned at the senseless waste of British taxpayers money, call upon the UK Government, to stop giving money and assistance to countries who act against British Policies, peoples and beliefs. In particular we object to Overseas Aid to India, a country with a space program and the World’s second fastest growing economy behind that of China; to Argentina, through our guarantees to both the World Bank and contributions to European Union Aid, a country that continues to oppress the Falkland Islands and its lawful population of British Citizens; and certain voting member countries of the Organisation of American States (OAS), that are also in receipt of British Overseas Aid, yet align themselves against British Interests in the South Atlantic. Together, we insist that Overseas Aid is subject to rigorous assessment regarding how such Aid is awarded and includes a proviso that there is active promotion and support of British Interests


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