UK accused of distorting history at the UN

7 Oct

In yesterday’s session before the UN’s Fourth Committee, Argentina accused the United Kingdom of attempting to distort history.

Reiterating that the Falklands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, were integral parts of the Argentine Territories, the delegate went on to say that the islands had been illegitimately occupied by the United Kingdom and remained subject to a sovereignty dispute.

He also alleged that the illegal occupation of the Falklands had been recognized by the General Assembly in various 
resolutions, all of which called upon the parties to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the dispute.

Argentina regretted that the Government of the United Kingdom sought to distort historical facts in order to conceal its usurpation of Argentine territory in 1833.  That invasion had been the subject of repeated protests since the moment it had begun.  Such misrepresentation showed that the United Kingdom was not certain of its rights on the subject of the Malvinas Islands.

He went on to say that, rather than trying to refute historical facts, the United Kingdom should immediately resume negotiations with Argentina.  “To do so would be to act lawfully and responsibly”, he said.

Speaking in exercise of the right of reply, the representative of the United Kingdom said she wished to address her reply to the statements made by the representatives of Guyana, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru and Cuba.  She said  that her country had no doubts regarding the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.  There could be no negotiations on that sovereignty if the population of the Islands did not so wish.

The democratically elected representatives of that population had made clear to the Special Committee their wishes and their claim to the right to self‑determination.  They confirmed that they were the only residents of the Islands, which had never had an indigenous population, and  affirmed their rights to exploit the resources of their islands for their own benefit.  Routine military exercises were held as part of efforts to ensure the security of the population of the island.

Earlier in the session the Representative from Peru had said that, since the adoption of the Declaration 50 years ago, more than 80 territories had gained independence.  As this year also marked the start of the Third International Decade, this should foster a greater capacity for decision‑making and action.  He went on to emphasise that the principle of self-determination trumped any
other principle.


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