Britain attacks the Special Committee of 24

5 Oct

Yesterday, the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom, to the United Nations, criticised the inflexible position taken by the UN’s Decolonization sub-Committee in its, “outdated approach” to the decolonization process.

Speaking at the Fourth Committees hearing into the remaining 16 Non-Self Governing Territories, the British Representative stated that the “Special Committee of 24” did not allow for recognition of the strong relationship that existed between the UK and its remaining British Overseas Territories.

In the debate over Gibraltar, he went on to say that the United Kingdom would never enter into agreements passing the people of
Gibraltar to another country without their consent.  In that respect, he added, reference to the Brussels process must be considered.  The UK welcomed the fact that all parties continued to contribute to the trilateral process, which represented the most credible and constructive means of resolving the conflict and the United Kingdom remained committed to that process.

The United Kingdom, according to the expressed wishes of the people of Gibraltar, retained responsibility for the territory, including for its defence.  He called on the United Nations and its bodies to take that relationship into account, concluding that the United Kingdom did not accept the assertion that the people of Gibraltar did not enjoy the right to self-determination.


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