Have Your Say

2 Oct

On Wednesday, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) staff at Government House launched a new website to promote the work that they do on the Falkland Islands.

Staff Officer Ralph Jones, said, “The site will focus on the FCO in the Falklands and not on the work of Falkland Islands Government, but there will be lots of links where our work interacts”.

The launch coincided with the new ‘Have Your Say’, consultation process initiated by the FCO with the aim of improving their relationship with Britain’s remaining Overseas Territories, and acting as a conduit for opinions to flow back to the United Kingdom. All this in preparation for the publication of a new White Paper in 2012, which will set out in detail this Government’s  policy with regard to the Territories governance.

The Falklands’ web site has already caused a minor spat with Argentina as it states, ” The United Kingdom recognises and encourages the Islander’s right to self-determination including their right to remain British if that is what they wish, freely and democratically expressed by its people. The Falkland Islands have been continuously, peacefully and effectively inhabited and administered by Britain since 1833. The only interruption to this period was the brief illegal occupation by Argentine military forces in 1982. “

A number of Argentine news sources have noted the last sentence particularly, as they would prefer the word ‘recovery’, and dispute that the arrival of their uninvited armed forces in 1982 was ‘illegal’.



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