Argentina is not a complete nation, says Timerman

29 Sep

In a week full of news about Argentina’s demands for negotiations over the Falkland Islands, Foreign Minister, Héctor Timerman, in an interview with the  C5N TV channel in New York yesterday, said  “… we will not be a complete nation until the Falklands are returned to us”.

“Argentina is above all, a peaceful country but our Government shall not cease claiming for its sovereign rights on the Falklands until the United Kingdom decides to abide by the United Nations resolutions and sits to open a dialogue with us on the sovereign issue”, he said.

Referring to recent events in the United Nations, the Minister added, “in the United Nations they (the UK) ask Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate, but at the same time they ignore the U.N. appeals with the utmost hypocrisy”.

Despite repeated calls by Argentina for Britain to go to the negotiating tabel, the British Government have made it quite plain that they will only do so if the Islanders’ request it. British policy clearly supports the Falkland Islanders’ right to determine their own future, and the Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently made it plain that there would be no talks.

In an election year in Argentina, however, there is unlikely to be anything but talk on this particular issue.

The last United Nations General Assembly Resolution on the Falklands’ question was in 1988, six years after Argentina’s failed invasion of the British Overseas Territory.

Télam. National News Agency of Argentina. Sept. 28, 2011.


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