Jorge Arguello claims new support over the Falklands

26 Sep

The Argentine Foreign Ministry yesterday announced that the G77+ China group of developing nations had supported last week’s call by Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, for Britain to return to the negotiating table over the Falkland Islands.

Argentina’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Jorge Arguello said that the statement was “a clear step” in favour of the Argentine position and the first time that the 132 countries that have membership of the G77 have come out in favour of talks. The Argentine Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, is this year’s Chairman of the Group.

Primarily a talking shop dealing with the development of small states, the G77 + China are apparently concerned that Argentina’s economic development is being seriously undermined by the Falkland Islander’s exploitation of their own oil and fish even though their right to do so is enshrined in the UN Charter and a number of General Assembly Resolutions.

Many of the members are themselves ex-colonies, and China has a number of its own territorial disputes including Taiwan and its occupation of Tibet. The membership of the G77+ also includes Zimbabwe, Cuba, North Korea and Afghanistan.

There was no immediate confirmation of the story on the official G77+ website.


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