Falkland Islanders are British Says Pinky

25 Sep

“The Kelpers do not exist.”

So says Lidia Elsa Satragno, popular entertainer and politician from Buenos Aires. Referring to the British Nationality Act of 1983, Satragno, more commonly known as ‘Pinky’, is claiming that the Falkland Islanders are now British by birth and therefore should be classified as such in any documentation eminating from Argentina’s Congress.

The 76 year old radio and television presenter has submitted a motion to the Argentine assembly calling for all Government and other official papers to use the term ‘British’ when talking about the Islanders.

” The squatters on our islands are British citizens since the 1983 Act … London established that ‘ a person born in the Falkland Islands  will be British citizen if at the time of his birth, if his father or mother is a British or resident citizen in the Falkland Islands’ ” said Pinky.


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