Fernández Rejected at the UN

24 Sep

Plenty of turmoil in the spanish language press in South America today on the news that Britain has resoundly rejected Cristina Fernández’s demand for negotiations over the Falkland Islands.

In her annual speech before the United Nations the President of Argentina had yet again laid her country’s claim to the Falklands and insisted that the United Kingdom should be forced to the negotiating table in compliance with old UN Resolutions on the issue. Fernandez also threatened to remove the Islanders weekly flight to the mainland if Britain did not comply.

The British delegation last night issued a rebuttal of Argentina’s claim, highlighted the islanders’ right to determine their own future under the UN’s Charter and declined to consider talking about sovereignty without the express wish of the Island peoples.

Dealing with allegations that the Falklands were little more than an armed camp in support of British interests, the delegation stated, “The United Kingdom has maintained an unchanged defensive military posture in the South Atlantic for over 29 years. This includes routine military exercises. The United Kingdom remains fully committed to defending the rights of the people of the Falkland Islands to determine their own political, social and economic future.”

There has been no UN General Assembly Resolution dealing with the Falkland Islands since 1988, although the Decolonisation Sub-Committee annually calls for negotiations at Argentina’s behest.



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