A Mission in need of Rescue ?

12 Sep

Reports today that the RAF Squadron in which Prince William serves is reconsidering his planned deployment to the Falkland Islands following concerns express by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about the potential diplomatic repercussions.

Argentina has also protested the Prince’s attachment to the Search and Rescue services stationed on the Islands, declaring it a ‘provocation’.

Despite two failed attempts to take the Falkland Islands by force, 1832 and 1982, Argentina continues to assert a claim for the Falklands based on little more than geography and the Islands’ Spanish history which ended in 1811.

Whilst the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently made it very plain that the Falkland Islands would remain British for as long as the Islander’s wished, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is concerned that the fall-out from the Prince’s deployment may affect trade with the South American country.

Bilateral trade between the two has recently hit new heights and now totals some 800 million GBP annually.

Search and Rescue teams regularly rotate around British concerns world-wide, but yesterday the Ministry of Defence would make no comment on whether or Not Prince William would be going to the South Atlantic. A spokesman said, ” “We do not comment on the planned future deployment of units   or individuals for reasons of operational and personal security.”

The 30th anniversary of the 1982 Falklands War is due next year.


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