Provocation ?

10 Sep

A report in the Buenos Aires Herald yesterday had the Defence Minister Arturo Puricelli, condemning UK military exercises carried out in the South Atlantic ocean zone as, “a provocation to Argentina.”

The Defence Minister claimed that the Royal Navy carried out a series of military exercises in the area of the Falkland Islands and emphasised that this week’s UNIDEF 2011 exercises at the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base had shown that Argentina’s own armed forces were ready and capable.

These joint exercises followed on from a number of recent meetings between the Argentine and Brazilian Defence Ministers, an agreement to upgrade Argentina’s missile system and the promotion of a Regional Defence Force under the auspices of UNASUR.

There were no other reports in the English press of exercises conducted by the Royal Navy in any area of the South Atlantic in the last few weeks, although one Spanish language site featured a short clip of film from the BBC, which includes a live firing test by HMS Clyde.


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