Blunder & Bull

8 Sep

Argentina may have just missed the best opportunity it has had to invade in the last 30 years, with both helicopters and combat aircraft grounded at the Falklands Mount Pleasant Airfield due to contaminated aviation fuel.

A blunder by a member of the ground crew, who put a heavy anti-freeze into the fuel tanks rather than the special chemical that is required to stop the fuel freezing, necessitated an engine strip down for two helicopters and checks on two Typhoon aircraft.

Around 1.5 million GBP of aviation fuel has been affected but a Ministry of Defence spokesman stressed that the security of the isolated British Overseas Territory had not been compromised. A less official sources commented, ” “It was a very simple error, but could potentially have  been very serious. You can rest assured that someone’s had a serious kicking  over it.”

Not that Argentina appears to be too keen on another invasion, as they seem to believe that more than half the Islands’ total population is made up of troops sent for Falklands defence.

Argentina’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations,  Jorge Argüello, made a statement yesterday to a conference in China; ““The Malvinas Islands is 400 kilometres offshore Argentine territory and 14.000 kilometres from London … the military base has more soldiers than the total British civilian population occupying the Islands”.

With a resident civilian population of around 3,000, that would mean a military force exceeding that number. Which is unlikely !


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