Medals and Mugs

31 Aug

Next year sees another anniversary of the Falklands War and the islands are already gearing up for an increase in the numbers of tourists visiting the Falkland Islands throughout the year, and particularly in June and November.

While June marks the end of the conflict, the Falkland Islands Government has approved a plan for a 50 strong Pilgrimage to the Islands in November 2012 aimed at Veterans who have not returned to the Falkland Islands since 1982 and the next-of-kin of those killed in action.

The General Manager of the Islands Tourist Board, Paul Trowell said, “Next year commemorates the 30th anniversary since the ‘82 conflict and we are expecting to see a surge of interest, as we did for the 25 year commemorations.”

Memorabilia is already on sale and tour companies are taking bookings, all helped by the recent news that Prince William is likely to be on the Islands as part of his posting to the search and rescue team that operates there.

Arrivals from the UK are up 27% this year and the Tourist Board is expecting a steady rise in those numbers, up until 2015. In one key market for the Islands, five more cruise liners are expected this season.

In June the South Atlantic Medal Association announced a year of fund-raising for a Falklands Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire to honour the South Atlantic Task Force and remember those who gave their lives. This memorial is to be dedicated on 20th May 2012 in recognition of the Talk Force Landings at San Carlos.


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