Military Manouvers – South Georgia

25 Aug

On May 25th, HMS Edinburgh left Portsmouth for a seven month deployment to the south Atlantic. The Type 42 Destroyer sailed via the Cape Verde Islands and the African coast before setting a heading for the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

On their departure, her Commanding Officer, Commander Paul Russell, said, “Since emerging from refit last year, through trials and operational training, Edinburgh’s team has been focused on this deployment to the South Atlantic, a region of high-profile, political and joint military interest where the Royal Navy has had a continuous and significant effect over many years.I am delighted with my ship’s company’s response to recent training and am hugely grateful for the first-rate engineering support provided by Portsmouth Naval Base to ensure we sail in a safe and sustainable material state. Our families deserve a very special mention and thanks too as they have been the very cornerstone of strength for us all throughout a hugely demanding period of regeneration.By sheer distance from the UK, and in the face of a harsh South Atlantic winter, the deployment will present real operational challenges for us all, but this will be balanced by the visits to some wonderfully diverse countries and the opportunity for the Royal Navy to demonstrate its impressive global reach and versatility.”

The HMS Edinburgh arrived in the Falkland Islands in July, and this month sailed to King Edward Point in South Georgia where troops from A Company 2 Battalion Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment were landed for cold weather exercises.

Known as The Tigers (pictured in warmer climes), the Regiment draws many of its officers and soldiers from Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London, Middlesex, Hampshire as well as the Isle of Wight and is the only infantry regiment that recruits from the Channel Islands.

HMS Edinburgh remains in the south Atlantic until the end of the year.


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