Security Council Seat for Argentina

19 Aug

A report today in the Buenos Aires Herald  addressing Jorge Argüello’s news conference reported here yesterday.

With Argentina likely to pick up one of the ten revolving seats on the UN Security Council, the Herald sees an ‘intensified insistence on Malvinas sovereignty’ as being a priority for Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s administration once the election battles are put away. Argentina has submitted its candidacy for the seat and is unopposed by any other country in the region so far. Brazil’s tenure expires this year, and Columbia’s in 2012.

Argentina has sought changes to the make-up of the Security Council since 1946 and is opposed both to permanent membership and the power of veto lying in the hands of just five members of the Council. A position not supported by neighbour Brazil, whose case for a permanent seat has been growing over recent years.

The UN Ambassador noted that the seat on the Security Council, coupled with Argentina’s presidency of the G77+ China group of countries, provided a means of promoting Argentina’s claims over the Falkland Islands further. Not that the issue has been left on any back-burner with Argentina raising the Falkland Islands at every summit, conference or meeting that it attends.

Argüello said that British resistance to the idea of negotiations was a, “flagrant violation” of the UN Charter resting on the “rule of force not law” . He also stated that recent oil exploration around the islands was a further violation of the UN ban on either side taking unilateral action with regard to the island’s resources. The Ambassador would not speculate as to whether or not oil existed within the Falkland’s EEZ.

Rockhopper, a small British company, recently raised its estimate of the size of an oil deposit it says it has found off the Falkland Islands, to up to 1.3 billion barrels.


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