President of the UN’s General Assembly visits Argentina

11 Aug

Yesterday Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Héctor Timerman, received the current head of the United Nations General Assembly, Joseph Deiss.

Mr. Deiss, a Swiss national, was elected at last year’s session of the UN General Assembly.

Following his election he said, ” More than ever before, we need to act together to be effective,” and listed his priorities as maternal health, infant mortality, climate change, security, the reconstruction and strengthening of fragile and post-conflict States, human rights, the ideals of the Red Cross, humanitarian aid and disarmament.

An economist and long standing politician, Mr. Deiss has extensive experience as a diplomat and led Switzerland’s accession campaign to the UN.

Héctor Timerman stated that the subjects of the visit were to be, “the Malvinas, G-77 with China, the international financial crisis and the global food situation.”

“A visit from the president of the United Nations General Assembly is hugely important for us, more so due to the upcoming UN annual assembly,” Timerman highlighted before entering the meeting. The Argentine ambassador to the UN, Jorge Argüello also participated.

Following the meeting, a statement was issued by the UN President’s spokesperson, ” Mr. Deiss and Mr. Timerman discussed a series of issues, including the world economic situation, the UN’s role in global governance, Security Council reform and the situation in Haiti.”

In a meeting with members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Argentine Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Deiss also stressed the importance of interaction between the UN and national parliaments, and also with the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Mr. Deiss steps down next month.


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