‘Argentina is ready to negotiate with UK over Malvinas,’ says Timerman

27 Jul

This is the title of a news report today in the Buenos Aires Herald.

The article is about the Argentine Foreign Minister’s recent official visit to France. During his speech in Paris Timerman accused Britain of ” … hiding behind their Security Committee position at the United Nations …” in order to avoid negotiating over the future of the Falkland Islands. He went on to say that the UK should ” … accept the decisions of the General Assembly of the UN, who every year call upon both parties to discuss this subject ..”.

It is sad to see the Foreign Minister of a G20 country resorting to lies and distortions about a situation that affects the 3000 inhabitants of the Falkland Islands.

The UK does not ‘hide’ behind its Security Council seat. On the contary, Britain is fully complying with its obligations to the islanders under Article 73 of the UN Charter.

The suggestion that the UN General Assembly calls upon the UK to negotiate every year is untrue. The last UN General Assembly Resolution raising the issue of the Falkland Islands was in 1988 as any basic research will reveal.

The biased, out-dated and discredited sub-committee known as the C-24 issues annual demands, but as it is packed with Argentina’s cronies this is hardly surprising.

Argentina spins its distortions of history every year before the UN’s C-24 in spite of historical evidence clearly favouring British sovereignty. They conveniently forget that the islands have been British since 1765 whereas Argentina did not burst upon the world until 1816.

In any event, as a non-self governing territory listed at the United Nations, the islanders have the enshrined right to determine their own future. The Falkland Islands belong to the Falkland Islanders. Not Britain, not Argentina.

It seems once again, that it is Argentina that is stuck in the colonialism of the 19th century, not the UK.





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